El impacto de la tecnología RIM en el medio ambiente

31 mayo, 2022
31 mayo, 2022

El impacto de la tecnología RIM en el medio ambiente

The preservation of the environment is a world priority for societies.

In this way, nowadays, ethical environmental values are more and more integrated into the identity of companies, such as sustainability and the defense of the planet.

The application of environmental measures by an organisation can also bring benefits to the company, such as increasing energy efficiency and saving natural resources like water, which weigh directly on the company’s pocket.

What is the impact of RIM technology on the environment?

RIM technology is a technology that can present environmentally friendly practices, both in the choice of material to be used for the manufacture of the mould and in the production process itself, when compared to other moulding techniques.

– Impact of the Material used for the environment

This RIM technology is a technology that consists of injecting composite materials at low pressure.

With the growing concern for the environment, there is an increase in the use of composite materials in various industries, promoting the incorporation of materials of natural origin in composite materials to reduce environmental impact.        It is important to note that the choice of material to be used depends not only on the MICE, but also on the customer.

– Impact of the MICE production process on the environment

The MICE production process when compared to other technologies, such as 3D printing or vacuum, being a process with low procedure times both concerning small and medium series manufacturing and composite processing, allows for more efficient resource management (energy, for example).

MICE vs otras tecnologías

The technology used by MICE, also escapes the saturation of the mass production market, it is a bet on a blue market of products with smaller series, not disposable and longer life cycles.

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